When Should I Replace My Brake Pads?

Brake pads are car parts that need to be replaced constantly over the course of your vehicle's life. There are certain measures you can take to avoid the extra cost of prematurely wearing them down. Understanding what causes brake pads to wear down, why it is important to inspect them, and how often to can save you time and money in the long run. Read on to learn more about brake pads.


What Causes Brake Pads to Wear Out?

  • Driving habits - Harsh driving and braking can make your brake pads wear down quicker. If you want them to last longer, go easy on the gas and brake pedals.
  • Driving conditions - You might not be able to help with this one, but city driving requires more stop-and-go traffic. Therefore, your brakes are going to be constantly working. Driving on flat highways without frequent stops is the easiest way to preserve your brakes.
  • Material of brake pads - The toughness of your brakes has an impact on their lifespan. Brakes made with softer materials aren't engineered to endure high levels of pressure, so they'll likely wear out quicker.


Inspecting Brake Pads

Industry professionals recommend that you have your brakes checked every time you get an oil change. Our technicians can gladly assist you when you take your car to Snellville Auto Center. However, you can also check them by yourself at home. Once they've worn down to the 3mm and 4mm marks, it is time to have them replaced.


Since it is not easy to measure mm increments, you can also check for warning signs. Typically, brake pads will emit a squeaking or squealing sound when they've worn down to that point. Furthermore, if you notice the performance of your brakes dropping, it is best to have them replaced.


Brake Services in Snellville, GA

Please do not ignore the signs of bad brakes, as your safety could be compromised. For all your brake needs, look no further than the auto specialists at Snellville Auto Center.

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