What Does My Tire Tread Pattern Mean?

Changing worn tires frequently can be very expensive. Many drivers are not aware that you can avoid a lot of tire tread wear with regular tire inspection, maintenance and by being mindful when driving.

Driving with worn-out tread on your tires is dangerous as it can cause some very preventable accidents occurring such as hydroplaning, sudden blowouts, crashing due to increased braking distance or spinning out on the ice.

Learn about the different types of tire tread wear and ways in which you can avoid them to make your tires last a bit longer.

Side Wear

If your tread is worn on the sides but not down the center, this usually points to your tires being under-inflated consistently. If not an inflation issue, then it may be that your car is out of alignment or your steering arm might be bent.

Middle Wear

If you notice only tread wear down the center of your tires, this is a red light that you have been over-inflating them. When overinflated, the middle part bulges out and is the main point wearing against the road.

Sidewall Wear

This type of wear is predominantly seen in city cars. This is a symptom of parking too close to curbs and wearing down your sidewalls as a result.

Cupping Wear

Cupping wear presents as scalloping and diagonal wear across the tire. This is wear caused by excessive tire bouncing or up-and-down movement. A faulty suspension system or a worn-out shock absorber is the culprit for this type of tire wear.

Flat Spot Wear

Sudden or aggressive braking can cause this rarer type of tire tread wear. If you haven't been driving with sudden braking then it could point to a fault in the brake system.

Prevention is Key

You can prevent many of these issues by checking your car user's manual and keeping your tires inflated to the right pressure at all times. Watch your braking and parking too to avoid causing damage unnecessarily to the tires over time.

Bring your vehicle into Snellville Auto Center today to check your suspension, tire alignment and pressure or to fit your new tires for a safer drive!

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