What Can Wear Tires Down Prematurely?

Worn-out tires are a safety hazard for drivers, passengers, and other road users. Bald tires cause thousands of accidents each year. Poor traction impairs braking and can prove disastrous in horrible weather conditions. Tire treads are what allow the vehicle to maintain its grip on wet surfaces. Age is usually the most common cause of worn-out tires, but sometimes our habits contribute to them getting worn out prematurely.


Identifying these habits will help tires last longer. Read on to find out more about some of the things that cause tires to wear out and how you can prevent them from happening.


Improper Wheel Alignment

It is the most common cause of tires getting worn out prematurely. Correctly aligned tires set the angles of the wheels parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground. A clear sign of improperly aligned wheels is balding on one side of the tire. It indicates that the wheel angles are not aligned, causing the vehicle to lean more weight on one side of the tires.


Inaccurate Air Pressure

Just like alignment, if you don't get the air pressure right, tires are liable to wear out prematurely. Putting too much pressure on tires causes them to wear down in the middle of the tread. Underinflation of tires leads to wearing out of treads along the outer edges of the tire. To make your tires last longer, ensure you fill them with the optimal amount of pressure.


Worn Out Shocks And Struts

Worn-out suspension parts often cause rapid deterioration of tires. The vehicle's weight is not distributed evenly, which places undue strain on the tires. Worn out or loose suspension may also affect the alignment of the wheels, adding to the premature wearing out of tires. It results in a bumpy ride and bald tires.


Looking For A Tire Repair Shop in Snellville, GA?

Worn-out tires are an eyesore and a danger to road safety. When treads get worn out, a lot of friction will occur between the road and the tires, causing a blowout that makes you lose control of the car. If your vehicle needs repairs for its tires, suspension, or wheel alignment, come on down to our Snellville Auto Center today!

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