What Can Cause Your Transmission to Break Down?

The transmission system transfers the power generated from the engine to move the wheels. Additionally, it also has a role in regulating engine speed. Thus, an impaired transmission can prevent your car from moving at all. To protect the integrity of your transmission, you need to have it regularly inspected. The professional team at Snellville Auto Center can check your transmission at your service appointments. That way, we can catch problems early on to avoid necessary rebuilds or replacements. 


What Are Common Transmission Problems?

Leaking Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is a reddish fluid designed to lubricate, cool, and protect the transmission's internal components. When there isn't enough fluid flowing through the system, it will undergo premature wear and tear. Please take your car to our trusted auto repair shop so that we can inspect your vehicle for leaks.

Dirty Fluid Filter

The transmission filter helps to keep the fluid clean. When it becomes clogged, it can cause slow down the flow of fluid, leading to an insufficient amount to cool the transmission. As a result, your transmission may overwork itself. This can be to the transmission's health, leading to costly repairs.

Poor Habits/No Maintenance

You should always follow the manufacturer's maintenance schedule, especially their instructions for transmission maintenance. The leading cause of transmission failure is negligence. Proper car care is key to achieving longer transmission life and fewer repairs. 


The Snellville Auto Center team can dive in and repair all your transmission issues. You'll be back on the road with a safe and smooth-running transmission in no time. If your car needs maintenance or repairs, please bring it by the professional team at Snellville Auto Center today.

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