Top Signs your Vehicle Needs a Cooling Flush

Heat brings about challenges to your car's engine and, thus, it's entire functioning. To begin with, when the engine is running, its internal components rub against each other, causing friction hence generating a lot of heat. Also, during summer, the heat from the engine combines with ambient temperatures creating immense heat calling for cooling.

Luckily, cars have measures meant to protect the engine from the heat. Your car's engine cooling system and the antifreeze is responsible for keeping it cool. Therefore, keeping this coolant fresh with your vehicle's recommended coolant flushes is crucial. Hence, knowing when your vehicles require a coolant flush is vital.

Top Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Coolant Flush

Overheating or High-Temperature Gauge - if your car's temperature gauge is high or climbing up as you drive and your engine is recurrently overheating, it is time to get it checked and have coolant flush. It is recommended to visit a car mechanic immediately if you discover temperature problems with your vehicle to avoid major car problems in the future.

Fluid Leaks - when your vehicle's coolant is low in quantity, the engine is likely to overheat. The fluids used in key operating systems of your car are secured by sealed components and are not supposed to escape. Therefore, if you see orange or blue liquid leaking from under your vehicle, ensure it gets checked by a mechanic immediately as you may require a coolant flush.

Sweet Smell - Antifreeze contains ethylene glycol, which has a sweet scent. When your car burns through the coolant, it produces a smell similar to butterscotch or maple syrup. However, as much as you may enjoy the sweet scent, do not forget that this is a sign of getting your engine checked and having a coolant flush.

Strange Engine Sounds – Car engines are moderately quiet. Thus, when you hear strange sounds you have never heard coming from your car, consider it a red flag. Take it to a technician to uncover the reason for the abnormal noise as soon as possible. It may be a reason to carry out a coolant flush to help extend your vehicle's lifespan.

In Summary

If your vehicle displays any of the above symptoms, take it to your trusted mechanics at Snellville Auto Center for a coolant flush and general inspection to avoid damaging its engine. Moreover, fresh coolant improves your car engine health by protecting it from damaging overheating. Besides, there is an immediate improvement in your vehicle's engine cooling and overall performance once the coolant flush is completed.

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