Signs of Worn Shocks and Struts

There are key components in a car that are needed to be in good condition for it to move effectively. These work hand in hand, a car can have an engine in mint condition but if the exterior is not well taken care of the vehicle is considered unroadworthy.

Having regular check-ups on your vehicle is required to make sure every part of your vehicle is in good condition to avoid malfunctions and ensure the mobility of the vehicle. Some of these sections of the car that need to be in good condition are shocks and struts.

Shocks and struts are parts of a car suspension system and are used in cars individually or combined. They stabilize the vehicle and keep the tires in contact with the ground surface as the vehicle moves. They provide control when you accelerate, turn or brake on the smooth or uneven road surfaces.

Shocks are hydraulic components that aid in minimizing movement generated by vehicles moving on uneven surfaces using springs. These springs normally absorb jolts and shove by softening the impact you feel while driving on uneven road surfaces. They help you maintain control of your vehicle which gives you a comfortable and smooth driving experience.

Struts are on the other side, components in the steering and suspension system of a vehicle that consists of a spring and shock absorber. They are weight-bearing components structurally designed to be stronger than shocks. They reduce vehicle jolts and stabilize the vehicle alignment and steering.

Shocks and struts can be in a vehicle combined but not all vehicles have struts. The vehicles that have both, have shocks on one axile and struts on the other.

To maintain a smooth and comfortable drive always make sure shocks and struts are in good condition. When you feel the impact and the jolts more then the shocks and struts are worn out. Here are signs of worn-out shocks and struts ;

When shocks and bushings wear out they lose the ability to properly support the strut. The strut then bottoms out and there is metal to metal contact that causes an irritating knocking sound that emanates from the wheels.

When the tires also cup there is a noise that is heard.

The vehicle bounces

When the shocks and struts are damaged the tires lose contact with the road as the car is driven, which results in a bumpy and uncomfortable drive.

This is because the components that help control the movement of springs to avoid up and down movements are damaged.

Swerving while breaking

When the shock is in a bad condition it may cause the front end of the car to dive or the rear to squat. If not checked and rectified the car may swerve when you apply breaks which is dangerous as the car may lose control.

Noticeable leakage

When conducting a routine inspection of your vehicle and realize excessive leakage or find the shocks and struts are covered in liquid then they are worn out. This leakage can cause damage to the tube casing.

However, it's normal to find a little bit of residue around your shocks or struts which is formed by oil when they compress.

When your vehicle exhibits such signs visit our auto repair shop and have your shocks and struts checked or replaced by our team of experienced specialists at Snellville Auto Center.

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